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Here are a few videos I have taken with my digital camera.  It was not a regular video camera, so the quality is not great, but these small videos do capture great moments. 

This is my first try with posting video.  Hopefully you will be able to access the format I have posted. 

If you click on each link, a new window should open with the video.  You may need to allow the content.  It is in an AVI format, so most media players will play the video. 



SORRY... I'm still playing with file sizes and quality, but I think my videos may work now. 



WARNING:  I believe you will need MS Internet Explorer for these to work.  

World Series Video [19mb] - Here you can see the world famous Clydesdales.  This is the second half of video I took at the 2006 World Series Celebration.  At the start of the video the World Series trophy is taken off the wagon and delivered for the Cardinals victory celebration.  -- October 29, 2006


Hawk Video [40mb] - This is a video I filmed on my birthday.  A dove crashed into a glass door trying to evade a red tailed hawk.  The dove fell on my parents' deck.  Here you can see the hawk come back for the meal.  -- March 9, 2007


Salmon Swimming Upstream Video [14mb] - Salmon really do try to swim upstream.  I captured this on video while on vacation in Portland, Oregon.  -- October 23, 2006





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